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The Symbolism of the Phoenix can be found in myths, fables, legends, religions, and cultures scattered throughout the most remote reaches of the world. In essence, the Phoenix is a longstanding bird that is cyclically regenerated. As the myth is told, when its current life cycle is complete, the Phoenix sacrifices its current self through fire and rises from the ashes reborn, renewed.

Although many cultures have their own interpretation of the Phoenix, for this organization, the Phoenix symbolizes reemergence, protection, transformation, success, and indomitability.

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Toniere Lee
President & CEO

[Certified Law Enforcement Professional]

Toniere Lee is a dedicated law enforcement professional with nearly 2 decades of experience, one of which was working for one of the Nation’s largest and finest police departments in one of the most diverse cities in the country, Washington, DC. During her career, Toniere has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in investigations, crime prevention, crowd control, emergency response, event management, police supervision, personnel management, asset protection, and personal protection to VIP’s.

Toniere has completed numerous courses in Security Management curriculum and holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology. For the past 17 years, she has been an Academic Instructor, certified by the Police Training Commission. Committed to contributing to the effectiveness and productivity of public safety and security professionals, she is also a member ASIS International, International Organization of Black Security Executives, Fraternal Order of Police, International Association of Women Police, and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Women in Law Enforcement.

Chief Operations Officer

Ensuring everything is running smooth

Conard Washington Jr
Chief Operations Officer

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Conard Washington Jr. has served at various posts under the Unites States Army for a number of years. He has served for 20 years at senior positions which allowed him to develop various new skills and to gain vast leadership and management experience through various platforms such as his tour of combat duty during Operation Desert Storm. Being a self-motivated and an articulated individual, “Wash” has also served in numerous positions such as Special Security Officer, Security Program Officer within the Department of Justice, and various government agencies in the metro area which enabled him to develop a unique skillset and expertise within the security arena.

He has also received a special comprehensive, Executive Protection Agent training from a well-respected firm headed by a retired U.S. Secret Agent. For the past 10 years he has been an “Executive Protection Agent” and “Personal Assistant” to a high profile VIP within the Washington Metropolitan Area, and formed a security protection team functioning as their team leader. Due to his ability to work in large work groups and fast-paced environments, he has proven himself to be a great leader under critical circumstances.

Chief Compliance Officer

Maintaining Compliance

Aaron D. Lee. Sr.
Chief Compliance Officer

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Aaron D. Lee. Sr. has served as a Supervisor for a local County Government for 20 years of his 28 year tenure. To that end, he has gained valuable experience in the field of operations and management. In addition, he boasts a wealth of leadership experience and management skills, performing duties such as planning, preparing, and managing annual and capital improvement budgets. Utilizing spontaneous trouble-shooting and problem solving skills, Aaron has demonstrated the ability to strategically place personnel where their individual skills are best suited.

He has successfully completed numerous courses, seminars, and workshops to re-certify, reinforce, and enhance his knowledge, skills, and abilities relating to leadership, management, policy, and compliance. He maintains an effective working relationship with various entities to include Federal, State, and County officials, contractors, consultants, and vendors, managing more than 100 offices and sub-stations.

Meet the Chaplain

Keeping things “decent and in order”

Rev. A. Colette Rice
The Chaplain

Rev. A. Colette Rice serves as the Chaplain for Phoenix Protective Solutions. In March 2007, after being blessed with the opportunity to serve in full time ministry, Rev. Rice retired early from the Federal Government after serving 27 years of civil service. At the time of retirement, she held the position of Senior Administrative Specialist, serving as the Deputy to the Executive Officer for the Executive Office of Immigration Review, Board of Immigration Appeals responsible for the Administrative Operations of the Board.

In November 2011, she was appointed to the position of Executive Pastor of a church whose roll exceeds 8,000 members where she provides spiritual leadership and direction to the Associate Pastors and other full time staff. She also serves as Advisor to the Women’s Ministry, providing programmatic oversight, leadership, and direction.